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Did Money In The Bank Cash In?

Its been 4 days since MITB now, which saw the straight edge superstar CM Punk hightail it on out of the Allstate Arena as the new WWE championé. Did the WWE cash in at Money in the Bank?

We all I thought that the main event was going to play out a little summin summin like this: Punk to beat Cena following a GTS after unleashing a water bottle from hell over Cena’s face (Shades of capital punishment) only for Albertooooooooo Dellll Riiiiiiiooo to cash in like its pay day. Thus banishing Punk from the WWE, keeping the title in the company so Cena would not have to be “fired”. What I instead witnessed was a an unexpected, genuinely feel good conclusion, and overall, one of the best pay per view events i’ve ever witnessed.

After a swift kick to the head of Del Rio, Punk (or Phil) made off with the WWE title in hand, like JR with a new born crate of BBQ sauce. Seriously , how many of us thought that Money in the bank would end with Punk as champion? Sure alot of the interweb wrasslin community thought Punk could win, but im going out on a limb ( as opposed to a leg ) and ASSuming that most people expected someone to cash in on Punk prior to the pay per view ending. For me this was one of the greatest and most unexpected events to a pay per view i’ve ever seen. As the night unfolded I began calling what was gonna happen, a Cena STF screwjob finish, a Del Rio cash in. We got it all, and then some.

So yes, to clarify, the finish to this match and pay per view was coolio. What about the match?

Well, that was great to. From the entrances of both competitors an “awww sheeeeet” atmopshere hit, with the crowd really lending themselves to making this great match even better. Im not going to run through the match move by move, thats what Sir Michael Cole is for, however I will say that this was much more than a typical Cena match. Whilst im no expert in putting a match together, this was deffinately more interesting than a 5 MOD display from Cena, I have to wonder how much preperation both men put into this match, and how much Punk will have “carried” the match. Whilst both men showed signs of fatigue resulting in a few less than perfect instances, such as Punk falling to his ass when reversing the FU AA, to me, this further enhanced the storytelling of the match as opposed to coming off as a botch. Another highlight for me was the STF reversal into the Annoconda Vice. But in the end Punk won, and thats all anyone cared about. Right?

Whilst I am by no means a Cena “hater” enoughs enough and its time for a change! m i right?

The big Q here is though, was MITB enough for WWE to cash in? I have no idea what the buy rates where for MITB, and im not sure when these numbers will be published. However using a very reliable , facts driven and credible source, lordsofpain.net, I can pass on what I have read in regards to TV ratings from the following Monday nights Raw. Vince apparantley “no sold” a 3.2 Raw rating backstage, as he was anticipating a higher rating. I would expect that this is the launching pad for a , potentially, huge programme for Punk to return later in the year claiming to be the real WWE champion, and having a “unification” match. However thats just my 2 cents, so dont leave town.

As for the rest of MITB, minus the diva’s toilet break, every match was really good. D Bryan and Christian winning their matches were , again, unexpected for me. I might be making a claim holding BS of epic proportions, but is Heath Slater the biggest heel in WWE today? Hearing the chorus of boo’s everytime he climbed the ladder could deffinately put him in line for that title. Or it might just be because he’s ginger, and cant talk properly, and is distinctly average.

Henry beating Big Show was a delicious display of brutallity, and I liked Henry unleashing hell to win the match, in the form of numerous splashes before pinning Show.

Magikarp World Splash

The Splash Master

Smackdowns MITB match saw Sin Cara being sent through a ladder, Sheamus dominating, The Undashing One, Undashing Cody Rhodes delivering a series of Cross Rhodes to anyone who dared cross him, along with flips and spins from Gabriel and Slater. A few moments I thought Kane was going to become Mr double bubble, and be the 2nd man to win MITB back to back 2 years in a row. Alas, as previously mentioned D Bryan took the briefcase. I was rooting for Wade Barrett in this match, however Bryan winning was fine by me.


By any stretch of the imagination...

The Raw MITB saw , according to King, Miz’s perfectly looking knee being really out of place. Huge pop for Miz as he ran back down to the ring after being stretched away.

Low and behold Mr Del Rio won the MITB.
A nice finish to the Orton Christian match , and a very good way to make the match stipulation relevant. I anticipated Orton to tease attacking Christian with a chair to be DQ’d or something like that, and getting an RKO win, so this came as a twist in the tale. Will Christian keep the World Title for more than 5 days this time? Well I’ve not read the smackdown spoilers ( I never do ) but there has been no uproar on the internet, so im guessing yes.
And thus concludes , my initial blog post for witlock. As in WRISTlock, but im using WIT.
C wut i did thur? No? uh oh spag-ettttioooo.
I’ll be tending to write “thought” articles as opposed to review articles here, on a regular basis. So keep checking back for future posts.
To quote a great scholar, take care, spike your hair.

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